What’s The Different Among 130% 150% 180% Density?

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What’s is the hair density?

Hair density means the quantity of hair in certain area, namely the thickness of the hair, most of the time we use it for the lace wigs. As some people’s own hair will be thinner, some will be fuller. In order to make the lace wigs look more natural, there comes out the different density of the hair. Take the following pictures for example, do you know they all wear the wigs? Not really, because it is so realistic that it can hardly be seen, exactly as theirs own hair.


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How many kinds of density have?

Generally speaking, basic 130% density, heavy 150% density and extra-heavy 180% density Myhair Hair offer for a long time, we tested the market all over the world and found these are popular by the ladies.

Difference among different density?

  • The hair thickness is different

130% density means the basic thickness of the hair, not too thin and not too full. 150% density is a bit heavy, fuller than 130%. And 180% is the heaviest, the hair end is fullest. I have a picture to show the difference,

Or below picture can feel the difference after wearing a wig,

  • The time of workmanship is different

It takes longer time to do 180% density than 150%, 130% is the shortest. The more thick the more complicated about the lace wigs.

  • The cost is different

You may know 180% is the most expensive, then 150%, 130% cheapest.

  • The weight is different

180% is heaviest, 150% heavier, the last one is 130%.

Why there have different density?

The same as you go to a salon, consult with a stylist about what kind the hair style is suit for you well at that day, he shall check your height, weight, skin color and clothing then recommend the most suitable one. Although the lace wig is made of other ladies hair and wear to the head, looks natural is very important.

How to choose the best density for myself?

  • Weight you can accept

If you love the light soft hair, then 130% can be best. If prefer to a bit heavy hair, please choose 150%. If interested in super heavy and thick hair, 180% is your style.

  • The size of the head

Usually, can choose the hair thickness as per your head size, big head with a heavy lace wig is far better than thin one.

  • Your hobby

Just decide what you love the most, no special reasons.

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