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I worked for myself more than 5 years and found that didn’t make a formal introduction to all of my lovely clients before. Here comes the details.


My name is Winnie Lee from China, 35 years old and the mother of a 6-year-old girl. The major I studied in the university is Enlish teaching, I should have to be a English teacher in the school but I didn’t, I love doing the foreign business and comunicating with peoples from different countries, sharing the different opinions with them, it’s enjoyable for me. So worked as a merchandiser after the graduation that work is the most hustle-bustle in my career, however the good habits that I use in my daily job nowadays was built-up at that stage. I really appriciating it.

Afterwards the jobs of translator & foreign trade salesman in nearly 5 years gave me certain experiance, I started to select the products and did the market research meanwhile in the middle of 2015.My friends asked why I gave up the previous products w/the stable customers & the mature market but planed to sell 100% HUMAN HAIR, but go to a new field totally, I told them I want to prove my ability prove myself, and was unwilling to be a competitor as my former company, it’s immoral.Although I knew it’s very hard to strart from 0, I am a brave career lady and make full preparation already.

“Myhair Hair Co., Ltd” was registered at the end of 2015 year, I worked as a SOHO at home after Chinese New Year in 2016. Yes, I am a SOHO, it’s a small trading company that only has 1 staff, the boss is the staff namely. Lol

Why don’t I say I am the factory? As there has a lot of customers want to cooperate with the factory, they may consider the price, the stock, the leading time…etc. I insist on a simple policy “HONEST”, and believe in only a honest supplier can attract the honest customers, that’s the basic.

So, what can my small trading company do? I made the integration of resources from different factories, introduced the most suitable products to varieties of markets. Judge the purchasing quantity and items and every details only from their website, facebook page or Ins.that can save a lot of time for both of the clients & me, save the time is save the money as well.

A certain number of the clients I met during these 5-6 years, some are still in relationship some was broken. Anyway, thanks so much for your support, I will take my great effort to do the best job in future.

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