How To Wash Human Hair Lace Wig?

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As we all known human hair lace wig is not cheap but definitely worth it. Because it is made from 100% real human hair, and will be still flexible after curving and dyingHuman hair wig needs to be washed regularly as your own hair. However, you need to be careful as it’s easy to break especially the Swiss lace wig, the lace is soft and thick.

1. Comb The Hair

First of all, comb the wig slightly to avoid knotting while washing. Then soak the wig in the water, or get wet under the faucet directlyRemember, NO RUBBING. Please do not soak it for a long time, otherwise the hair will float around in the water and tie knot together.


2. Shampoo The Hair


Apply shampoo on your hair. Please use moisturizing shampoo instead of anti-dandruff or oil removal one, these two types of shampoo is easy to make the hair dry. After wiping off the shampoo, apply it evenly on the wig. No rubbing, just upward by stroking or comb it gently. Once there is tangled, use your hand to loose it. If you think the wig is not dirty, wash it with conditioner is ok.


3. Rinse The Wig

Rinse the wig under the faucet for a while in the same direction to make sure it is clean and no tangle.

4. Apply The Conditioner

Some ladies ask why conditioner is necessary. Because the wig itself has no nutritional supply, it depends on the conditioner to provide a little bit . Just like the procedure of applying shampoo, if you want the conditioner to be evenly applied, comb it slightly.


5. Remove The Bond

Apply some removal bond to the lace, not on hair, as you need to clean the bondThen rub it with your thumbs for three to five minutes until the residual bond is removed. You must be gently during the whole procedure.


6. Put The Wig To The Sink

Put the wig to the sink without water for five minutes, to absorb more nutrients from the conditioners. Namely do a treatment for your wig. 

7. Rinse The Wig Again

Soak the wig in the clean water, or get wet under the faucet directly. Conditioner must be rinsed several times! If you don’t rinse the hair thoroughly, it will be very sticky.


8. Squeeze The Wig

Use your hand to squeeze the wig, then cover it by a wrap or a shower cap and try to absorb the water as much as possible. Remember, no rubbing, otherwise the hair scale will be destroyed and get a frizzy wig finally.


9. Dry The Wig

Put your wig on the stand in a cool place and keep air dry, no blow dry.

Follow the above these 9 steps than can maintain your wig as new one, and it will last longer. 

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