Dyed or Bleached?

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Today let’s discuss the difference between dye the colors and bleach the colors, and what are the grades of the hairs can be dyed or bleached?

What is “Dye the Colors”?

It means only change the hair to darker & medium tones,

Darker Colors incl.,

  • #1 Jet Black
  • #2 Darkest Brown
  • #4 Chocolate Brown
  • #5 Medium Brown

The medium colors incl.,

  • #6 Chestnut Brown
  • #7 Rustic Brown
  • #8 Light Ash Brown
  • #9 Light Brown
  • #10 Medium Golden Brown
  • #99J Red Wine/Plum
  • #30 Medium Auburn
  • #33 Rich Copper Red/Dark Auburn

What is “Bleach the Colors”?

It means to use the strong chemicals to change the hair to white color, then the hair can be another light tones next. Which incl.s,

  • #12 Light Golden Brown
  • #14 Medium Ash Blonde
  • #16 Light Blonde/Dark Honey Blonde
  • #18 Lightest Golden Brown
  • #20 Dark Ash Blonde
  • #22 Light Ash Blonde
  • #24 Natural Blonde
  • #27 Strawberry Blonde/Honey Blonde
  • #60 Dark Wine
  • #613 Bleach Blonde
  • #350 Dark Ginger/Orange Red
  • #F-PINK
  • #PINK
  • #RED
  • #BLUE

What Grades of the Hair can be Dyed or Bleached?

VIRGIN hair can be both dyed and bleached professionally.

REMY hair can be only dyed to darker & medium colors professionally, cannot be BLEACHED.

NON-REMY hair only can be curved. 

The factory may destory the hair while dying or bleaching the hair if the workers don’t control the time very well, but it happens rarely, it’s the non-business about the quality but related to the skill. So Pls go to the salon or ask a good colorist for help if necessary. OR order from us for the colored hair is the best.

Hope this article can help you to choose the most suitable hair from Myhair Hair online shop soon.

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