Can 613 Blonde Hair Be Dyed To Other Colors?

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1. What is #613 Blonde hair?

The #613 Blonde is a kind of fashion color that is bleached from the 100% human natural black virgin hair. It’s a light gold color that can be dyed to any other color without any bleaching procedure.

 613 blonde straight hair

2. Where does #613 Blonde Come From?

As we all know, some European have got inborn blonde hair. So collecting the raw hair from Europe directly is the easiest, do you think so? The answer is NO. Of course, the original blonde hair is the top quality, but the hair is really rare and Europe is far from us the cost is high. Thus most factories in China collect virgin hair that originated from mountain women, its a kind of hair that has never been under chemical processes, with smoothness, strength, and original cuticles outside. The technical guys put it into a special liquid for several days, and remove the melanin under the high temperature afterward, the #613 blonde comes out.

613 raw hair

3. Why #613 Blonde Can Be Dyed To Other Colors?

As #613 is the lightest color we can get after fading the melanin, other color dyes can be maintained easily.     

color wigs

4. What Colors Can Be Dyed From #613?

613 Platinum Gold is the most suitable color for dyeing because it is easy to dye to other colors. The picture above shows a 613-color wig dyed into the fashionable color on the right.

Below colors that we dye usually, all are light colors.

1. #12 Light Golden Brown

2. #14 Medium Ash Blonde

3. #16 Light Blonde/Dark Honey Blonde

4. #18 Lightest Golden Brown

5. #20 Dark Ash Blonde

6. #22 Light Ash Blonde

7. #24 Natural Blonde

8. #27 Strawberry Blonde/Honey Blonde

9. #350 Dark Ginger/Orange Red



12. #F-PINK

13. #PINK


15. #RED

16. #BLUE

17. #GREEN



20. #VIOLET… etc.

The factory often mixes them to a new appearance, such as ombre T613/PINK, T18/613, piano colors P#16/22, P#3/24… etc.

Some Buyers will wonder, why only dye the light colors, how about other dark colors or medium colors? All colors can be dyed from #613 easily, but we shall consider the cost. We knew #613 hair is not cheap, dark colors and medium colors also can be dyed from the natural black directly, by this way its affordable.

color ring 41 colors


5. How To Dye The Other Colors?

#613 blonde is always the ready color in the factory, once we receive the order about other light colors, just pick out the stock and stand in a line for dying.

If you want to try it at home, use this checklist to get started:

1. Dye brush

2. Wide-tooth comb

3. Dye (amount will depend on thickness, length, and color of a wig)

4. Glass bowl or ceramic bowl for mixing, or large plastic tub for water coloring

5. Whisk

6. Long, plastic spoon to mix dye in water for water coloring

7. Spatula

8. Gloves

9. Wig head

10. Towel that can get stained

11. Wig/unit to be dyed

hair dye toolbox


Once ready and we’re going to start dying wigs.

5.1 Fix the wig on the mold head.

5.2 Blend colors

If you are not very good at this step, we suggest you take the wig to a salon and ask a stylist for help. Because sometimes the proportion of some color formulas is not adjusted well, it is easy to cause the color differently.

The hair on the wig will not grow anymore, thus it is easy to keep the hair color for a long time.

5.3 Apply dye

After blending the color, you can smear it to the hair from the top of the end. Then use a comb or brush to wipe the dye evenly. Be careful to avoid any colors on the lace. After dyeing, please wait for a certain time according to the instruction.  

What Shall We Do After Dying?

Remove the wig from the mold and rinse the wig thoroughly in warm water. Make sure the lace is facing the running water and let the water flow through the hair of the base.

Remember to make sure the lace is away from the color water, or it may be stained with dye.

5.4 Rinse the wig

5.5 Blow-dry a wig

Use a dry towel to absorb as much moisture as possible from the wig.

5.6 Next, place it on the wig bracket and blow-dry it slowly.

5.7 Finally, gently comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb.


Did you get it? Any questions, please comment and we can talk more.

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